I offer a range of services for all of your content needs.

  • Journalism: My strong background of more than five years producing news articles allows me to tell the story that draws readers in with the headline and keeps their eyes glued to the screen (or page) until the very last word.
  • Content strategy: Let me help you structure your content in the most effective way to reach your audience and ensure they have the best user experience possible.
  • Communications strategy: Rolling out a new product? Launching a new initiative? I’ll put together a tailored plan to make sure you cover your bases and spread the word to your fresh, new audience. Press releases, social media, web copy, newsletters, and more.
  • Copywriting: I can transform your message into copy that drives engagement, online and offline. This includes:
    • White papers
    • Blog posts
    • Newsletters
    • Microcopy
    • Technical writing